Roomiverse NFT is a collection of unique 4,444 NFTs
with utilities today as virtual background,
tomorrow as your metaverse room plan with furniture bundled pack,
and forever as investment in the community.

Unique Rooms!
Sales Date



What can you do with
Roomiverse NFTs?

Your NFT will double as your property’s deed and room design that will define your room in the metaverse.



NFT Today - Metaverse Future

Your room design is now perfect and ready to be built. It’s time to
convert it into an actual metaverse room and get ready to move in!

Say hi to your Roomiplex neighbor.
The hallway door tells you which floor you are in.
Join Discord to chat with your floormates!


Your virtual background today, metaverse room tomorrow,
and investment in the growing space of metaverse community forever

Cat_Hat AQ-Stuff AQ-Window AQ-Room
Phase 0: Pre-Sale

+ Join Roomies’ Discord community to have fun and receive tons of giveaways

+ Enroll in Roomies’ Whitelist to be eligible for discounted NFTs during the Pre-sale

+ Once the Pre-sale ends, each Roomie who own one of the 5 special Black-cat Santa NFTs gets $1,225

Phase I: Public mint

+ Rarity chart is announced. See how rare your Roomivesrse compares to your friends’!

+ Secondary market grand opening

+ NFTs price floor sweeping (Stay tuned for more info)

Phase II: 3D Transformation

+ 2D NFT transcend to 3D room

+ Metaverse land acquisition

+ Roomies apartment’s DAO juristic initited

+ Metaverse platform collaboration projects announced

Phase III: Future is here

+ Earn royalty kick-back from secondary market sales to our pioneer Roomies

+ Each holder of the Roomiverse NFT gets whitelisted in the next project and receives huge discount as a token of appreciation

+ Rent out or sell your Roomiverses to monetize your assets. We’ll be your personal Metaverse Real Estate investment consultant


What are roomiverses?

Roomiverses are a universe of 4,444 unique NFTs of super cool, yet cozy themed rooms that can be your
(1) virtual background for your virtual meetings today
(2) design for your metaverse room tomorrow
(3) investment in the growing space of metaverse forever.

Pre-sale will be taking place on December 25th. Follow our twitter for more info. Once the pre-sale ends, each owner of the Roomiverse NFT that contains our special Santa will get $1,225 as your early Christmas gift! Join our discord community to learn how to join the pre-sale, get free

How much each Roomiverse NFT will cost?

Follow our twitter to learn more

Why investing in Roomiverse?

We believe that NFTs are not just for art. The fact that these Non-fungible tokens are truly yours–not any platforms’, games’, or even ours–whom have the sole ownership can unlock endless possibilities and opportunities in the future. Yet, one immediate pain point we are trying to solve is that they lack real use cases in the physical world. With Roomiverse NFTs as your virtual background, your Zoom calls will never be boring again